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let’s cuddle in our underwear and marathon yugioh

Fuck yugioh, watch game of thrones all night

excuse me u piece of gum on someones shoe excuse me??? game of thrones is fucking weak compared to ygo. u see anyone getting sent to the fucking shadow realm??? u ever watch a nigga die bc of a fucking card game? u ever seen real shit like that? u ever see a giant demon with a dragon dick?? thaT BREATHES FIRE???? U EVER HAVE AMAN INSID E OF U AND UR VERY SOU L IN THE FUCKING JEWELRY U WE AR ??? eVER HAD A MAN THAT DEEP IN U??? GAME OF THRONES IS FUCKING WEAK COMPARED TO YGO, WEA K

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Yuma and Astral (Episode 72)


Yuma and Astral (Episode 72)

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*thinks about fave character* *SMILES REALLY HUGE AND COVERS FACE*

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my friends like old-school animes such as neon jeans angerlfish, fruity koolaid, yoyo hack sauce, and cowboy bepis